A good friend is a terrible thing to waste

Why let perfectly good meat go to waste?

We know what you think, that this sounds like it’s in really bad taste. It’s actually not, salami is often very spicy and have many different and exciting tastes. The second thing you think about is probably what PETA is going to say about this. We don’t care, each pet is special and wants different things in life and after too.

Is this really ok?

We produce the salami in China, where no one thinks this is strange, and it's perfectly legal. We then transport the salami in refrigerated containers directly to your door. We of course follow all regulations for transporting food.

Some of our customers

picture of pet

Maddy Lemone, Yaymontin

I missed my "Leon" so much that I had a party where me and some of my friends talked about funny moments we had together, guess what I served? :)
picture of pet


I have nothing to do with the organization. I could never eat my cat Rosebud but the salami on top of the fireplace makes me feel less alone.
picture of pet

Thony, Salem

I really didn't want to dig a big hole and dump my beloved “DaMonster” in there, so I made a german style salami instead. It gave me the closure I needed.